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Church Reopening For Sunday Mass - Bookings On Friday

Starting next Sunday, August 9th, both Christ the King church and St. Patrick’s church will open for Sunday Mass. ​​

Sadly, we will be limited to the numbers we can allow in due to safe distancing. We also must comply with government guidelines on track and trace.

Mass times starting on Sunday, August 9th are:

Christ the King church: 9.30am

St. Patrick’s church: 11am

To book your place for Mass you need to phone on Friday. If we get over subscribed for Sunday, August 9, Mass(es) will be put on following Saturday mornings as well.

To book your place at Mass at Christ the King church phone 07951 638612, 10am – 12noon on Friday.

To book your place at Mass at St. Patrick’s church phone 07984 434083, 1pm – 3pm on Friday.

If we do have spare capacity, parishioners turning up on spec will be allowed in under ‘track and trace’ rules.

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