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Message From Fr Pat - Church Closure

It is with regret that I am announcing the closure of both Christ the King church and St. Patrick's church for Sunday Mass starting immediately (January 10). We can all keep this decision under review as the situation develops.

We are now in a new national lockdown and while churches are allowed to open for public worship I feel it is in the best interest of everyone's health and safety that we close until the situation improves.

As you know, the new variant of the virus is far more easily transmissible than the previous version, and numbers of people getting Covid 19 are rising, placing enormous strain on our NHS – including staff in our own local hospitals of James Cook and North Tees.

So, while there will not be a public Mass in our churches for the coming weeks, I will continue to Celebrate Mass in private for various intentions and the intentions of all Parishioners. I will, however, continue to conduct Funeral Masses/Funeral Services in our churches as requested.


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