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Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your donations – which to date is in excess of £5,000.

Sisters of St. Joseph and St. Mark https//

The Sisters live in Pavshyno, Ukraine. They have opened their convent to mothers and children who are fleeing Ukraine. The Sisters are traveling everyday to regional railway stations to drive women with children to the borders so they can leave the country. £1,000 has been sent to cover expenses – heating, petrol, food etc.

We are sending more thanks to the kindness of the people of Thornaby.

City of Goodness https//

This charity accepts women with children and the elderly from all over the country.

They are completing the construction of a second building in the centre which will allow them to accommodate another 100 people. £2,000 was donated initially and more is being sent.

There is a constant need for food, medicine, hygiene items, bedding, blankets, pillows, baby food and clothing.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and generosity.

Please God, this war will end soon.

Joe and Veronika


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